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Bitcoin hits a home run with institutional investors: Fundstrat
October 4, 2018 0 550
It seems a basic understanding that retail investors are always trying to find rosy pictures as well as a sense of optimism to buy cryptocurrencies as well as they are ...
Blockchain embrace for Malaysia’s three biggest industries
September 25, 2018 0 359
With the enhancing global embrace of Blockchain Technology, it seems Malaysia is following suit. The South-Asian country is looking to loop in their biggest markets: renewable resource, palm oil & ...
SBI & Ripple build Payment Application for iOS & Android
September 14, 2018 0 1111
Ripple’s dispersed ledger modern technology (DLT) is being taken advantage of by the Japanese economic services giant Strategic Company Pioneer (SBI) Team in order to construct a repayment gateway that ...
Law executioners of Australian state seeks to digitize driver’s license with blockchain
September 10, 2018 0 367
Blockchain gets on its method to digitize the motorists’ licenses in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW). The NSW federal government is about to carry out a pilot examination in November ...
“Blockchain-independent” project to be built on Cardano to make financial smart contracts smarter
September 5, 2018 0 366
‘Financial agreements’ is a common term in the world of service as well as the people eagerly anticipating “encode their contract into the blockchain“, could connect to Marlowe. Marlowe is ...
Bitcoin (BTC) approaches $7000, thanks to Tether (USDT) intervention
August 28, 2018 0 208
Bitcoin (BTC) is almost coming close to $7000 and also it is perhaps due to Tether treatment. It is guessed that the Tether treasury stepped in by injecting $50 million ...
Ethereum Classic (ETC) flies to cloud nine with its ETC Game and peaceBridge
August 25, 2018 0 179
Ethereum Standard (ETC) has been battling for some time to progress its setting in the world of electronic money. It started seeing brighter days as ETC got gotten on a ...
Ripple CTO Schwartz touts benefits of XRP’s decentralized ledger
August 23, 2018 0 187
David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple commended the really decentralized nature of XRP journal. He composed on the Ripple website that XRP journal is rooted in an ‘naturally decentralized, democratic, consensus ...
Justin Sun reveals why TRON acquired BitTorrent
August 22, 2018 0 201
Justin Sunlight, owner and CEO of TRON Foundation, has actually disclosed the factor for obtaining BitTorrent in a letter to the latter. He said both the firms share a similar ...
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